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Why remote 〜 KEMIO

When the remote won’t work I get irritated.


So my friend from studio told me this story…


Interviewer: So what’s your major?

LARC student: Landscape architecture

Interviewer: Oh ok, so the most you can do with that is open up a flower shop.

Frederick Law Olmsted and the entire LA industry:



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Ghaida Farisya, Jennifer Hanna, and Shani Gracia in Direct Selling Semarang

Oshimen cute talking and so talkative I’m so done _(:3 


Got another job shooting landscape design for Kathleen Ferguson Landscapes. THIS is an amazing house with an equally amazing landscape design.




I’ve posted about this before but as my three year course draws to an end I am finding myself looking back at what I have learnt and what I have seen. 

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway remains the favourite of all my visits and a true inspiration as a parkway, piece of green infrastructure, garden etc etc. It has it all. I couldn’t possibly squeeze all the pictures I have along this parkway into the 10 photos here, but here are a few just to show how diverse the design is. 

You go from zones of playfulness and lesiure to those for reflection and commemorative purposes like the glass tower, inscribed with names of those killed in the holocaust. Then there are sculptural qualities, fountains, areas of shade and privacy and open areas with magnificent views and planting. All I can say is that it is only greatest in person and i urge anyone with an interest in landscape design to take a visit. Boston is a great city with a great vibe. Get yourself there!



One garden I remember from holidays as a child is that of La Granja in Majorca, where myself and my family revisited last year. I obviously saw the gardens in a whole new light yet they still remained as magical and playful as i remember over 10 years ago. I think the main beauty of these gardens lies in the way time has aged every surface so wonderfully. Everything just blends in and looks like it has been there since time began. The richness of the wild planting is something to be admired and the way everything glows in the summer sun allows the gardens to simply radiate. The attention to detail, as seen in the shell planted into the wall, is also something i took away with me and have tried to remember when creating my own designs at uni. Handcrafted simple artworks are often lost in modern day designs but this shouldn’t be the case. When things are made not to be perfect they become more charming and tell a story. There is a time and a place for this way of designing but this garden reminds me it is not lost.